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We Have Moved Our Blog to A New Site IonXchange Native Seed & Plant Nursery

We Have Moved Our Blog to A New Site IonXchange Native Seed & Plant Nursery


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  • Plant of the Week: Mule Fat January 4, 2018
    Mule fat occurs throughout the Southwest of the United States and parts of Mexico. It can survive on very little rain fall. It can generally be found near wetlands, riparian areas and moist valleys, but not always, and can occasionally occur in drier areas.
  • Plant of the Week: Plants of the Winter Solstice December 18, 2017
    Many plants play an important role in many of our holiday traditions celebrating the season surrounding the winter solstice.
  • Plant of the Week: Bird's-eyes gilia December 5, 2017
    Bird’s-eyes gilia (Gilia tricolor) is a true beauty in spring that can form vast displays across open wet to dry meadows, grassy plains, and mesa tops, usually below 2,000 feet. Its distribution, originally endemic to California, is now in Massachusetts and Texas with the introduction of popular garden seed mixes.
  • Pollinator of the Month: Syrphid Fly December 5, 2017
    Due to their black and yellow stripes syrphid flies can be easily mistaken for bees and wasps. They can be found in North America from Alaska and Canada, through California, down to Mexico, and Florida.

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