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  • Plant of the Week: Field Thistle August 18, 2017
    Field thistle, as the name implies, is an open land species, found on moist to dry soils. It is a species of tallgrass prairies, pastures, old fields, roadsides, savannas and forest edge. It is found from Maine south to Georgia and west to the Dakotas and Texas (but not Oklahoma). It is also found from Quebec to Manitoba.
  • Plant of the Week: Cliff Fendlerbush August 8, 2017
    Cliff fendlerbush (Fendlera rupicola) grows on rocky ledges and steep canyon slopes in the lower foothills of southwestern mountains (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Texas) at elevations of 3,000-7,000 feet.
  • Plant of the Week: Crossvine July 24, 2017
    Crossvine, occasionally called trumpet flower, is a beautiful native, semi-evergreen, climbing, woody, vine. Crossvine is found throughout the southeastern part of the country, from Missouri to Eastern Texas to Florida to Maryland to southern Illinois. Crossvine is found in rich woods, swamps, fencerows, and roadsides.
  • Pollinator of the Month: Mexican Long-Tongued Bat June 1, 2017
    The Mexican Long-tongued Bat (MLTB) ventures inside the borders of the United States in southernmost California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The main portion of the diet of this nectar bat is nectar along with the protein and lipid-rich pollen.

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