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We Have Moved Our Blog to A New Site IonXchange Native Seed & Plant Nursery

We Have Moved Our Blog to A New Site IonXchange Native Seed & Plant Nursery


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RSS Wildflower News

  • Plant of the Week: Rattlesnake Master November 13, 2017
    Rattlesnake master thrives in full sun and has a wide range, most of the eastern United States, from southern Ontario and Florida west to Iowa, Kansas, and eastern Texas.
  • Plant of the Week: Wild White Indigo October 24, 2017
    Wild white indigo (Baptisia alba) is indicative of the tallgrass prairie, but also occurs in open woodlands and roadsides. Its range is centered in the Midwest, extends south to Texas and Florida.
  • Plant of the Week: Yellow Columbine October 13, 2017
    Yellow columbine is native to the Rocky Mountains from Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Washington north to British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. You will find this pretty, yellow columbine in mountain meadows, open woods, and alpine slopes between 4,300 and 11,500 feet.
  • Pollinator of the Month: Columbine Duskywing Moth September 6, 2017
    The Columbine duskywing moth is found in rocky deciduous and mixed forests and woodland edges, as well as glades and barrens where there is an abundance of its larval host plant, wild columbine.

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