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Wildflower Aster lateriflorus – Calico Aster

Wildflowers Aster lateriflorus - "Calico Aster" Asteraceae Family – From the Greek, “Aster” in reference to the    shape of the flower and its bracts. At least 200 species are found across North America with dozens in the Tallgrass prairie region alone.

Found throughout the Tallgrass Prairie region in a dizzying array of habitats from marshes to woodlands. Aster colonies often cover large areas. Often quite striking in color, the asters bloom from July through the first hard frost.

Several tribes used the smoke from burning aster plants to assist in reviving persons who had fainted. Some other Native American tribes brewed a tea from aster plants to relieve headaches. In our area, the Meskwaki would make a smudge from Aster laeteriflorus to treat insanity.

Calico Aster

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Howard Bright is the owner of Ion Exchange Inc. A Native Seed and Plant Nursery and The Natural Gait in NE Iowa. Howard loves to write of his experiences in both prose and poetry. His love of the natural world we live in and a lifestyle built around that love of nature shows in all he does.


One thought on “Wildflower Aster lateriflorus – Calico Aster

  1. I am so excited for this blog! I’ve been needing to find more wildflowers. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by mallorymurray | February 8, 2010, 7:25 pm

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