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The Mild Winter Offers Many Options to Sow Dormant Seed

Our Mild Winter is Providing the Perfect Opportunity

Our Mild Winter is Providing the Perfect Opportunity

to Take Action and Do a Dormant Seed Planting… Plus SAVE 25%
Break the monotony of bleak winter days
and grey gloomy skies!

Get out there and do a dormant seeding which will give you visions
of spring.  Many of our friends and clients have spread their seed
over two to three inches of snow or bare ground to enhance or even
to start a new prairie in the months of January and February. Since
the winter has been so mild this is the perfect time to take action
and have some winter fun.
We will even premix your seed with cottonseed hulls to make
it a breeze to evenly distribute your seed by hand broadcasting
or drilling your seed.
  Now through February 15th, we are offering you

25 % off our Winter Wonderland Mix.

Winter Switchgrass

Make this one of your best years with more blooms than ever!  Remember this offer is only good to those that receive this email
and our regular price will be on our web site with no discount.

You’ll be glad that you bought now and saved 25% this winter..

Thank you.
Howard…aka… “Earthyman”

About Earthyman

Howard Bright is the owner of Ion Exchange Inc. A Native Seed and Plant Nursery and The Natural Gait in NE Iowa. Howard loves to write of his experiences in both prose and poetry. His love of the natural world we live in and a lifestyle built around that love of nature shows in all he does.


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